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Incomplete Imaginations

Filk Daddy
25 February 1961
Four cats, two kids, two SOs. These numbers subject to change at any time. [Yet another cat added as of 2011-06-18.]

Would like to be able to write; likewise to sing. Can and will play (or at least try) any instrument with strings and without keys or hammers. Also, gimme percussion, baby! Current inventory: three six-string guitars (plus two not mine in house, of which one is nylon-stringed), one violin, one five-string viola, one autoharp (needing the new set of strings I bought and promptly lost), one harp (nylon-strung), one octave mandolin, one standard mandolin, one dulcimer, one bodhran, two doumbeks (one ceramic, one metal), several electronic keyboards. As you can see, I'm missing a bunch of stuff; that can and will be remedied. (And if I have a choice, it'll be made by my own hands; give me a woodshop and watch me learn!)

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