Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy


Just home from an unscheduled visit to the podiatrist.

You see, when I took my shoes off before bed yesterday, there was blood on the right sock over the fourth toe. When the sock came off, there was an area rubbed raw on top. (My theory is that because there is no fifth toe, the shoe, even with a relatively wide toe box, rubbed the fourth toe that it normally wouldn't have, especially since my feet swell when sitting at a desk for ten hours.)

This is Not Good. But since I was exhausted, I cleaned it, applied topical antibiotic cream, and bandaged it. Went to work last night with the post-op shoe on because it has an open toe, and there's no pressure on that spot. Then finished work at 7 AM and hiked from 42nd St/6 Ave to the office at 40th St/Lexington Ave, and was fortunate that the doctor (not the one I've been being treated by, who's on vacation, but the other doctor, whom I'd seen before this one) was free at 9 AM.

Short form: there's no infection in the bone, per the office X-rays. I'm to dress it twice daily with a prescription topical, and to take oral antibiotics (amoxycillin), and to wear the post-op shoe until I go back next week.

Ugh. But it could have been lots worse.

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