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Four months

That's approximately how long I have been out from work on disability due to my infected, then surgically repaired, foot and recovery. Along the way I have learned to take my diabetes seriously after basically blowing it off for ten years, lost a bit of my right foot, lost a bit (but not as much as I had hoped) of weight, screened essentially all of Star Trek from every live action TV series, and watched my fantasy baseball team fall into last place, then make a terrific comeback to where I can at least reasonably hope to be competing for fifth place (of sixteen; more importantly, that's in the money, for 5% of the total pot).

Tomorrow night (Monday 12 September) I return to work. I have my work ID, my doctor's release stating that I'm fit to work, and assorted stuff that needs to go back into my work bag. Must do some thinking about what food I'm going to bring, and when, to work. Meal planning has become critical, since working both overnight and in a region with a paucity of actual supermarkets (and even lacking the elsewhere ubiquitous 24/7 fruit stands of NYC) means that I need to bring what I plan to eat, on the subway. I'm walking, but for any real distance (say, a block or more) I still need the cane, and my stamina is still depleted, though far better than it was two weeks ago.

The very last reminder of my hospital experiences (over both Memorial Day and Independence Day) are the warning bracelets on my wrists: left hand, Fall Risk and Allergy; right hand, Limb Alert. The latter stems from when I had the PICC line in and no other operations, such as blood draws or, later, Lantus (insulin) injections, were permitted in that arm. Looking forward to removing them tomorrow, and rejoining the working world. (I can already hear my supervisor, a huge NY Giants fan, disagreeing with me about how poorly they played today. He'll be right on some points, but dead wrong on others. That's what makes for a discussion.)

That was my summer. How about yours?

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