Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

Home from hospital

I've been keeping folks updated on Facebook, but not here. So a quick and dirty version of why I just spent ten days in Beth Israel.

I'm a Type II diabetic, but had been terrible about monitoring and controlling my disease. My feet are mostly numb from diabetic neuropathy. As a consequence, when something poked through the sole of my right show and into my foot, I didn't notice. Until it got infected, of course, and my feeble attempts to solve the infection with six antibiotic pills left over from a prior course was inadequate.

Went to the podiatrist; as expected, he had me admitted. It was the right call. Long story short, I've spent ten days having my blood sugar and pressure worked on, getting IV antibiotics, and having surgery to clean out the wound.

Sadly, something grew in the bone culture. Had it come back negative (indicating a solely soft tissue infection), I would have been seen off with oral antibiotics alone (on top of the diabetes and blood pressure and cholesterol drugs). Unfortunately, a positive result (we don't know WHAT until the pathology report comes back, which takes longer) means that they had to put in a midline, or IV catheter, in my left arm.

Imma say right now, that for a guy who at ten years old ran four orderlies around an ER because he was scared of the antihistamine they wanted to give me, this is scary and I hate it.

Let me be clear. I really hate it.

But now going to eat better, take my meds, and do what it takes to get healthy. I lost my brother to complications of diabetes, and don't plan to join him.

Life won't be quite as much fun. But it's going to be longer than it would have been.

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