Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

Some thoughts on cancelled shows

(cloned entry from FB)

Having recently rewatched two classic SF TV series each of which was cancelled after one season, I think that if I could go back in time and set things up so one was not cancelled, I would pick Alien Nation over Firefly. True, it had movies that followed on from the show, but the development was clearly stunted. There's SO much potential there that it overtops Cap'n Mal and the gang, who themselves had room for a great amount of growth (and the answers to two questions: (1) where are all the ethnically Asian folks in the universe where Chinese is widely spoken, and (2) can we get an astronomer here to give us some exposition on the system we're in (since there's no apparent FTL available)?)

Besides, I would love to see what would have happened had the Tenctonese still been in first-run when the Minbari, their clear cousins, hit the airwaves.

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