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So, for the past several months, it's been obvious that M needed a hip replacement, and, while our initial goal was to do it at year-end (since she'd already burned through her FSA on dental work), it became obvious that it needed doing sooner rather than later.

I recently accompanied her to a pre-op class, so we knew what to expect. The hospital would call on the day before the procedure to tell us when to be there. She was not to eat or drink after midnight on the day of the procedure. Paperwork. Do these things, bring these things, don't bring those.

The call came yesterday, and she was the first scheduled patient for her doctor today. Which meant that we had to be AT Beth Israel (at 16th St/1st Ave in Manhattan) at 5 AM, and she was scheduled for 7 AM.

Which is why I am beat, having wakened at 3:15 AM to get there on time, INCLUDING the fact that we took a black car, as being the most reliable service at that hour. Which it was, and I highly recommend Mexicana Limousine in Jackson Heights.

Summarizing the rest of the day, including prep starting at 5:30 for M, and final prep at 6:30 (last I saw her before the procedure), the procedure, a ten-minute (standard) visit in post-op at 10:30, and her move from post-op to her actual room just prior to the 12:30 timeslot for post-op visitation, all is well. The procedure went well, per her doctor. She's not in significant pain. The nurses on the floor are competent and attentive. She has a black and white cookie, several packages of Double Chocolate Milano cookies, and Diet Coke. She has a plugged-in charger for her phone (I did have to get the extension cord, which we didn't bring any of, when I made the DC run), some magazines to read, and was last seen knitting.

She's spoken with her mom, and all the folks who needed notifying (from both work and the Bryn Mawr connection) have gotten the news. Rehab begins tomorrow, and release is probably Monday, though it could be a day earlier or later.

I'm going to try to reset my schedule to diurnal with a short nap then a short evening. See all y'all soon.

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