Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

RIP Leonard Nimoy

As with so many other people, I celebrate the life and grieve for the death of Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr. Spock.

I never met him; by all reports, he was a mensch. For example, this piece he wrote in 1968 for a girl who was of the two worlds that seemed irreconcilable in the US at that time. And Spock, too, was a mensch, who worked hard to be excellent, and wound up being both excellent at what he did, and excellent to his friends.

There's no higher praise I can give, but to admit, freely and proudly, that my ST role-play, from the first time I saw the series in the 1960s, was about Spock, and not Kirk, McCoy, Sulu, etc. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with the other characters; I just thought -- and think -- Spock was the epitome of motherfscking awesomeness.

May Bilbo Baggins sing you to the West, sir. You have well earned it.
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