Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

New Year's Intentions

Posted this at FB, and realized it should be here as well.

I have never been very good about keeping resolutions, so here are several intentions for the new year.

I intend to get to the gym at least three times per week (probably M/W/F/ mornings). The sessions certainly won't be long to begin with -- I need to ramp them up, given my current terrible shape -- but they should be consistent, and build up.

I intend to get back to making music. At least five days weekly, at least one hour each, whether on guitar, mandolin, violin, or other strings, while rebuilding the callouses and muscle memories I have lost in not playing for so long.

I intend to continue to get the house in order, to the point where, I hope, in the second half of the year, we have space to entertain guests again.

I intend to continue to do my artwork, at least once weekly, and to clear the last few WIPs while beginning anything new that occurs to me.

I intend to forgive myself when I inevitably miss one of these goals, and NOT allow it to be an excuse to give up. Dammit, it's time to get back on the horse.

Quick note: all of this to start on Monday, January 5; I've been on vacation at year-end and don't mind starting this when I am no longer vacated.
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