Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

A Quick Political Note

Tomorrow is the NY primary, which will largely determine who the candidates are for state office. I recommend that anyone in NY who's registered with a party (NY's primaries are strictly per party, unlike many other states) get out and vote.

Of course, I recommend that Democrats vote the same way as me, i.e., for Zephyr Teachout and Louis Tim Wu. It's pretty telling that while the NYTimes didn't endorse Teachout, neither did they endorse the incumbent, Andrew Cuomo. Considering the possible shenanigans he pulled with the committee intended to investigate corruption, in which he apparently directed it not to investigate his people, that's a very strong statement for the Times. Moreover, they DID endorse Wu over conservadem Kathy Hochul, who looks like another triangulating Rockefeller Republican, rather than the modern progressive Democrat NY needs.

If Cuomo and Hochul win, I'll hold my nose and vote for them as by far the lesser evil in November, but I really hope not to have to.
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