Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

Making Excuses for Science Fiction in Locus

One of the best explanations of the genre I've read, by Kameron Hurley.

Pull quote: "When I looked at what I’d call ‘‘breakout’’ books – books that everybody I know is reading, not just my trusted SF/F circle of buddies – I started to notice a common thread. No one ever tried to sell me on Carrie by say­ing, ‘‘You really need to have a solid understanding of telekinesis.’’ Not a single Hunger Games fan said, ‘‘You’ll only get it if you’ve already read Battle Royale.’’ Instead, they talked plainly about the stories – the bullied high school girl who gets revenge. The older sister who volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in a fight-to-the-death lottery. They sold me on impossible situations and impossible choices. They sold me on stories."

Yep. It's about the people, and their stories. The technology (or magic, or both) is a useful way of shining lights and holding up mirrors, but it's all about the human experience.
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