Filk Daddy (redaxe) wrote,
Filk Daddy

Yet another cat!

Several weeks ago, we were at the Shops at Atlas Park, a mall that includes Bobbi and the Strays, the shelter where we'd adopted our last cat, Isis. They were closed (it was after 4PM on a a Sunday), but we saw several cats through the window. When I got home, I looked on the website, and sure enough, there was the particular cat who'd caught maya_a's and my eye. She turned out to be half-Siamese, cream and blue with some white, named Snowball. I held the tab open for a week or so, and became more enamored with her with every look.

Yesterday, we went to Atlas Park to see her with the semiserious intention of bringing her home (we brought a cat carrier, in case). Unfortunately, it turns out that she loves humans and tolerates dogs, but can't live with other cats :-(

Meanwhile, my daughter has been pushing for a calico cat, and among the cats they had there was a girl calico named Amber, who also happened to be one of the cats who was named as being able to live with other cats. Her story was compelling -- it seems that the shelter had had a cat there for four years (!) who had recently begun not to eat, to lay despondent in his litter box facing the wall, and to exhibit all the signs of final depression. They'd asked one of their volunteers if she could bring him home, and she said that she'd have to exchange another cat for him, as she had no room for one more. (She had either eight, or eleven, depending on which of the people telling this we heard it from.) The cat she selected to bring back was Amber, of course, and she'd only been there since the prior day.

Long story short, Amber charmed us, and she came home, overcoming my reluctance. She is beautiful, and seems to be an up cat (last night, she climbed a tall set of bookshelves in our bedroom). Yes, there have been squabbles with the other cats, and yes, she's largely gone to ground with short explorations, but that's normal.

When I can get a good picture of her, I will: she keeps dodging just as I shoot. But meanwhile, we're now at four cats again, and I hope that will be it for a while. (If I win the lottery, all bets are off. Large houses support many cats.)

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